Scripting - Baldur's Gate II

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Windows 95/98






From here you can download a front-end to the Baldur's Gate 2 script compiling program. This is just a freebee to help those of you who plan on making your own scripts.

Disclaimer: This program is not associated with Bioware or Interplay in any form. It is just a tool that I used to help develop scripts.


Installation Instructions:

1) Create a folder called c:\ScriptW

2) Download BGScripter, below.

3) Uncompress BGScripter into the c:\ScriptW folder

4) run Script.exe

5) Go to Tools|Properties

Fill in the following fields (the defaults should be fine, but if you installed BG2 other than default then these need to be modified)

Script Compiler Path: enter the path, such as c:\bioware\ScriptCompiler\

*This is the location to the Aicompile.exe file*

Script Location (script compiler path + 'source')

Override Location: location to the override subdirectory in BG2 install

Extension: should be .bs


6) copy the compiled file from the override into your scripts directory.

There is a readme file supplied with the script compiler that provides better details on how to use it.



Download BGScripter




 September 23, 2000

First available download.